As a Norwegian travel journalist and blogger I thought I`ve seen it all; mountains, fjords, glaciers, amazing landscapes and the ocean in varieties of colors. NOT!

Lofoten lys

I came to Lofoten at the darkest time of the year, when the sun never rise the horizon. For a person who loves to do photo, it’s nearly catastrophic. The hours of light is lasting approximately two hours, between 12.00 to 14.00, in the middle of the day. But what a light! Its not possible to describe it, you need to see it by your own eyes.


Haukeland strand 

I really dont like winter time. It’s too cold, windy and snowy, but if you want something unique you have to go to Lofoten at this time of the year. You won’t regret.

Into a Christmas card

I came to Svinoya Rorbuer, situated in the small town of Svolvær, in a snowy, dark evening just before Christmas time.

I felt like walking into a postcard, waiting for Santa Claus to pop up asking if I have been kind this year. The small red cottages, in contrast to the white snow and the dark blue ocean, is amazing. Far back, in nearly total darkness, I had a glimpse of the mountains diving into the sea like the dorsal fin of the killer whale. The dry snow makes the well known creak sound under my thick boots when walking from the restaurant Borsen Spiseri until my sleeping cave, in Norwegian called “rorbu”, referring to the fisherman small house.

Watch the sea eagles in their natural element

The Lofoten Islands have the largest population of sea eagles in the world, so I decided to take an eagle safari with Lofoten Explorer in Svolvær. The office is situated right at the harbor, 100 meter to walk to the Rib boat taking eight of us out into the sea to meet the eagles.

We were given flouting suits on top of our own clothes, life jackets and glasses to protect our eyes against wind and snow. We were placed in the boat and got information about how the safari is working and how to be safe in the boat. Remember to bring warm clothes (layers of wool) and thick jacket/trousers, good shoes and gloves, or mittens, keeping the cold and the wind out from your hands.


It’s fun to ride the boat and you can see the spectacular nature which is quite different from the seaside. When we arrived at the eagle location the guide gave the eagles some herrings and the eagles get quite eager to catch the food. They are flying pretty close to the boat, so you can take nice shots with your camera. There were about 10 eagles different sizes around. We were out for about one hour and 15 minutes. On the way back to town the speed was really fun, jumping on the waves while the snow whips on your cheeks. Feeling close to the nature.

Go for a photo shoot in the spectacular nature

Lofoten is made for photos. You don`t need a sexy model or other stuff to shoot your best shot ever. The nature is enough. Instagram is full of amazing pictures from Lofoten Island. If you are a professional photographer Svinøya can organize a workshop with the famous arctic photographer Trym Ivar Bergsmo. You can also join the Photo excursion Lofoten Panorama.


Chasing the best shot ever

Lofoten is an amazing place to see the well known  (and most photographed) light; The northern light, Aurora Borealis.

Nearly every evening, when clear sky, you can either have a glimpse, or you can see, the light dancing across the sky in variety of colors and shapes. Once it’s like an animal, next like an angel. I think this must be the greatest light show on earth.

Svinøya med nordlys

Svinøya  foto; Geir Hallvard Nilssen

When I saw Northern light the first time (I’ve only seen it once) I was staying totally “frozen”, not because of the cold temperature, but because of the feeling of magic. My mouth were open and my eyes were even more open. I felt the energy hours after the light were gone into the darkness and I was left behind like a statue filled with an experience you can`t compare to anything else. A memory for lifetime.

If you want to see the Northern Light it`s better be clear sky; Northern light forecast.

I fell in love with Lofoten. I love the spectacular nature, the magic light, the Aurora Borealis, the friendly outspoken people and the rough climate. Please bring me back anyone!

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  1. Renates Reiser

    Så flott beskrevet! Lofoten er virkelig et magisk skue, sommer som vinter 🙂 Det er litt ironisk at jeg er oppvokst i Bodø, men bare har besøkt Lofoten noen få ganger. Det burde gjøres noe med i år! Masse flotte bilder til tross for kort dagslys, det virker som en super tur 😀

    • Dit Peppern Gror

      Tusen tusen takk for kommentar Renate! Det er litt som meg; oppdaget i sommer hvor vakker Hardanger, stedet hvor jeg vokste opp, er! Ja helt merkelig. Her reiser vi jorden rundt og så har vi noe av det vakreste rett rundt oss 😉 Jeg reiser til Vesterålen på onsdag for igjen å delta på hvalsafari. Forrige tom var bomtur, hvalen uteble! Sånn kan det gå. Dyr og natur styrer seg selv 🙂


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